Woz exits Dancing with the Stars

Christina Warren
C. Warren|04.01.09

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Taking a break from pure silliness to borderline-news-related silliness, yesterday was elimination night on Dancing with the Stars, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak danced off the stage. After avoiding the bottom two last week, Woz, along with Hugh Hefner's ex #1 girlfriend, Holly Madison, were eliminated in a double-elimination episode.

Woz's time on DWTS was filled with injuries, vote rigging allegations (and retractions), and of course some pretty awesome (as in "awesomely bad") dancing. The Woz may no longer be on DWTS, but he will remain in our hearts.

So, will you still watch Dancing with the Stars now that Woz is gone? Let us know in the poll and in your comments!

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