Breakfast Topic: New Old Heroics

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|04.05.09

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Breakfast Topic: New Old Heroics

So we were randomly discussing lore and the like here in the WoW Insider offices yesterday, and Alex came up with what I thought was a pretty awesome idea. With Wrath, Blizzard's worked at subtly moving along the story of Warcraft, with for example, taking the Westfall Brigade away from a now peaceful Westfall to serve in Northrend. Of course, back in Westfall, young players can still get missions from Gyran Stoutmantle to cut off Van Cleef's head as if nothing had happen.

But what if, Alex posited, Deadmines had a heroic mode? And what if this heroic mode unlocked a story line? Sure, Van Cleef's dead, but in Heroic Deadmines, the Bloodsail have taken over. There could, of course, be similar ideas all down the line. Sure, you've cleared Scholomance of the Scourge, but now the Twilight's Hammer has moved in, and are working at summoning a massive corrupted water elementals from the impure waters of Darrowmere. You could even change the geography of the dungeon a bit for even more new ideas. Maybe assume that the new occupants did some "redecorating." Imagine the previous Scholomance idea, for example, end with the walls of Scholomance being busted open while a massive humanoid water elemental reaches in to try to slay your party.

I have to admit, it's a pretty awesome idea. It lets you reuse old content and continue old storylines and concepts, while still keeping things fresh with new factions, new enemies, and new layouts. So I thought I'd throw it out here. What new "heroic" storylines might you want to see for old dungeons?

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