Gulliver's Travels Blu-ray shows the wrong way to bring animation to HD

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Disney's approach to handling its animated classics has been a careful one, even down to the inclusion of Disney View to keep older features like Pinocchio in their proper aspect ratio and keep viewers from stretching. In creating a Blu-ray version of the 1939 movie Gulliver's Travels, E1 Entertainment has chosen.... a different way, cropping and zooming to make a widescreen picture where none existed before. Check the picture above for evidence of the transfer's issues, while ToonZone has links to a few other reviews pointing out not only the problems (jerky movement, poor sound) created in this rerelease, but also E1's claims that it has been "restored" with lost images and safe areas, while the truly interested can check the AVS Forum thread for even more terrifying revelations of misleading 5-star Amazon reviews and false claims of ignorance or poor setup by those complaining about the quality.

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