Acer's dream team confirms netbook Android experiments, thinks it has a "good chance"

At Acer's over-the-top product onslaught event last night, Acer CEO Gianfranco Lanci and product guy Jim Wong confirmed they'd been playing around with Android in the labs, but didn't think an Android netbook was ready for primetime. Beyond the previously-confirmed Acer A1 Android smartphone, Wong confirmed that they've prototyped android on a netbook, and that "it has a good chance" of making it into the hands of consumers, though he didn't foresee any desktop application at the moment. He says the big obstacle is making sure consumers get a full-fledged browser experience, and that they'll share more when they feel it's consumer ready. He also stated that he was pretty Acer sure everybody was testing Android on netbooks, so we'll see which manufacturer bites first.