Runes of Magic Spring contest: Can you find the eggs on our site?

Shawn Schuster
S. Schuster|04.13.09

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Didn't get quite enough exposure to eggs this weekend? Let us help you out a bit with a brand new contest held by the good folks at Runes of Magic. Starting today, Massively readers will have the opportunity to participate in a unique competition to help celebrate RoM's Spring Event.

The basics of the rules are simple: check out our Runes of Magic category page (multiple pages) and hunt down small Rune Eggs of various colors. Count up the number of blue, green and red eggs hidden on the page and report them on an official form for this event. These eggs will be hidden throughout the category pages, in images, posts and anywhere else we could sneak them in. This contest ends on April 19th, so get moving! Read below the cut for complete details.
From April 12-April 19, players just need to visit one of the participating
sites and count the rune eggs to enter the event. Winners will be chosen
from all of the entries and receive some cool in-game items!

Each participating site will have a different number of rune eggs in each
color: Blue, Red and Green.

Report the rune eggs on the official form here.

All sites have the following prizes to give away:
  • Baby Ice Frog - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Wetland Poison Frog - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Goblin - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Little Death - Pet Egg (30 Days)
  • Little Giant - Pet Egg (30 Days)
Each winner will receive one pet,
Additionally all winners will receive:
  • Egg Rice Dumplings (stack of 10)
  • Chocolate (stack of 10)
  • Chocolate Crisp (stack of 10)
As a reminder, this contest is being held by Frogster, not Massively. All inquiries pertaining to contest rules should be directed to this RoM forum thread. Best of luck!
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