Guildwatch: Let them eat cupcakes

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|04.15.09

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Guildwatch: Let them eat cupcakes

The Zug Initiative on Kael'thas turned two a little while ago, and to celebrate, their guildie Pacheco made these adorable cupcakes. The Horde symbols are red fondant, the Hearthstones are white chocolate (which sounds way too tasty), and of course the other ones say "Zug Zug." Very awesome. The guild had a little local gathering to celebrate, and we're sure these things were enjoyed. Congrats on two years!

Lots more guild news about all of the drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realm's in this week's Guildwatch (a little late, but given that it's Patch Day, you're probably used to delays by now, right?). To send us your guild information, drop a note to Click on to read on!

  • Note: We are no longer posting PuG ninjas, as there are just too many of them, and they have nothing to do with guild drama, which is what this column is about. Sorry you got your Grand Black War Mammoth looted.
  • Shakeup in Hammersworn on Blackwater Raiders -- a few players in that guild shut down the Vent and split to create Reign of Blood. We hear the GM of Hammersworn was so bummed that he stepped away from WoW for a bit, but his guild is still kicking around under new leadership.
  • We hear that the loot rules aren't all followed in Nightmare of Shattered Halls -- distribution is supposed to be done by "seniority," but sometimes it's rolls, sometimes it's "in most need of gear" and sometimes it's just to friends. A few people, we're told, have already split, so the lesson here is pretty simple: choose some rules and stick to them, whether they be free-for-all, loot council or straight out DKP.
  • This is probably the most epic drama that we've ever posted... in a foreign language. Here, in French, is the story of Stratics, a guild on EU Kael'thas. They apparently sent one of their players to join Wrath, another guild on the server, with the cold intent of sabotaging their attempt at The Immortal (among other things -- my French is very rusty, but it looks like they wanted him to ninja some epics and create some furor in the raid as well). And apparently it worked -- he made it to KT with Wrath, aggroed all of the mobs around them, and /gquit to laugh at them. Pretty crazy, but man, that is some mean, premeditated drama. If you have some French knowledge and want to translate any other salient parts (including why they did it in the first place), feel free. Update: another tipster sent a translation of the "achievements" they had him do while in the enemy's guild, and it's bad: go AFK 10 mins while saying the dog vomited, layout a picnic table and a train in the middle of the raid, mess up Sarth aggro, and share the vent server with the trade chat. Ouch.
  • A main healer from Blue and Cyan on Azgalor quit over having a Torch of Holy Fire go to a guild officer instead, and they even took some shards with them. The healer says he was even going to give the shards back, save for the complete lack of respect from the guild's officers. And we hear this isn't the first time that group of officers has had issues with the membership -- this is only the latest in a long line of problems.
  • We said we wouldn't do ninjas any more (and we're still not doing VoA PuG ninjas) but this one is just too good: "I just made a mistake and my mom was yelling at me." That's why Zimzar the Rogue ninja'd the Conqueror gauntlets from OS. The Rogue. Ninja'd the Conqueror gauntlets. Yeah.
  • DPS Very Slowly on Steamwheedle Cartel had a little falling out: officer Harmonics changed his name to Kcain and ninja'd the guild bank, eventually trying to sell them in chat and on the AH. There are tickets in, w hear, and of course "Kcain" got a /gkick for his troubles.
  • This thread starts off slow, but gets good on page 2 (when the Arena Tourney alt and Sarkosis start mixing it up), and then gets to great on page 3 when people start questioning genders. Good times.
  • Alexandrious of Paradox on Nordrassil has been acting pretty creepy towards some guildies of the female persuasion, we hear. So creepy that he's been called out on it. And lost his spot in the guild apparently, too.
  • Khaos of EU Bronze Dragonflight downed 10-man Malygos after just two attempts, and even finished off OS with one drake before Ulduar. Grats!
  • Abaddon finished off Malygos in 5 minutes, 52 seconds for a server second on Sentinels-A. Grats!
  • The GM of Jungle Style on Windrunner turned the guild's forums pink for April Fool's Day, as well as changed the guild's tabards to pink bunnies, and renamed the guild ranks all sorts of girly names. But it didn't bug them, apparently -- they dropped Heroic Malygos and Sarth 3D for the second time. Nice job!
  • Silent Saga on Stormrage downed Heroic Sartharion 3D as well as the normal version a few days later. Congrats!
  • Leftovers: Avatars of Power on Silver Hand has completed the requirements for Glory of a Raider, not only in time for a realm first, but in time to get their drakes, too.
  • Gift Card Givers on Tortheldrin-H formed up two weeks ago and has already put Naxx-10 and Malygos on farm. Sarth 1D has dropped as well, and they're recruiting: Mages, Hunters, and other ranged DPS.
  • Heartless of Garrosh-A walked into Obsidian Sanctum and one shot (well, it was their fifth night, but a one-shot on the night) Sarth 3D. Malygos is on notice. They're also seeking casters, Feral tanks, and Kitty DPS for Ulduar.
  • Tastes Like Crit of Muradin-H put the beat down on Grobbulous and Gluth, and followed that up with first attempt downings of Thaddius and Sapphiron. Kel'Thuzad got dropped later on, too. They're currently recruiting easy going, casual raiders as they build up their roster to take on 25-man raids in the near future.
  • Corrupted Spirit on Bloodscalp defeated Sarth 2D and Heroic Malygos and now has Sarth 3D in their crosshairs!
  • Diablo of Stormscale has downed Sarth 3D and is looking for a good warlock to join their 25-man group.
  • Blackwater Circle on the Cenarion Circle-A server downed Thaddius in 25-man Naxx, and then finished off Sapphiron and Kel'thuzad for the first time as a guild. Malygos and Sartharion with drakes are next up.
  • Chaotic Order on Stormstrike has cleared out 10-man Sartharion. It was the first raid run for many members, so big grats to them on the raiding debut. They're recruiting, if you're interested in a guild that's completely casual.
  • Seasoned Dragons on Icecrown cleared out Naxx. Malygos is on notice, and they're working up to 25-man raids soon.
  • WICKED, a GLBT guild on Eredar mixed it up in a recent Naxx run, and by mixing, we mean drinks -- one shot for everyone who upgraded gear, everyone took a shot if they had to D/E or the raid wipes (or a Mage dies). We can't recommend it (seriously, be careful), but they had a good time, and downed eight bosses before they started passing out. Sounds like.. fun?
  • Ravaged Souls on Llane downed Sarth 3D after a few months of weekly tries. They brought an extra healer and had a DK tank, not to mention a few speed potions up their sleeve.
  • Children of Exile is a 10-man guild on the Ravencrest server that finally cleared Naxx completely on one lockout using only guild members. Very nice job!
  • Sparks of the Phoenix on EU Shadowsong have finally cleared Naxx-10 after an epic 3% first-try wipe on KT. So, so close -- grats!
  • Tormentum on EU Bloodhoof finally cleared out normal Naxx, and are now recruiting for 25-man raids.
  • Nocturnal Vigilance (Draenor-H) downed Malygos and is now moving on to Sarth 2D. They're actively recruiting healers who can commit to a three-day-a-week raiding schedule as well.
  • Fusions on EU Darkspear-H managed to down Sarth 1D, and the next day cleared out Heroic Sarth with just 16 people. Grats!
  • Chaotic Fury of Khaz Modan-H unleashed thier fury upon Kel'Thuzad, sending him into oblivion and picking up Heroic: The Fall of Naxxramas. Grats! Malygos is on notice.
  • Purgatory on Ysera finally cleared out Heroic Naxx, including a one-shot on Kel'Thuzad. Normal Malygos also dropped. Way to go!
  • Holy Blood Line of Runetotem downed Malygos, clearing out all game content before the patch. Nice.
  • A new guild on Duskwood called Sparkles and Shame is a reroll guild made up of mostly Death Knights that's looking for a few good people. Their name comes from a guy who used to attend houses of ill repute, so make sure you're mature enough (and happen to have a stripper-style name), and look them up if interested. Especially seeking healers.
  • DeathEaters on Rexxar-A is recruiting for 25-man raids, and perhaps for a second 10-man team as well. They are working on Naxx and are farming Sarth and VoA -- if you want in on a friendly raiding guild whose first goal is to help their members progress, look them up.
  • Chaotic Potential on Kael'thas is a mature, tight-knit, friendly guild who are recruiting 80s to start 25-man raids and open up more nights for 10-man raids. They're especially looking for some diversity, so women are welcome to apply (the girls already in the guild feel a little lonely, we hear).
  • Refugees on Illidan-H is recruiting for 3D progression (and we suppose Ulduar too, since that's out now). They're missing some key raid spots to continue on, specifically a DK Tank, DPS DK, Resto Shaman, and a Warlock. If interested apply at the website.
  • Ethos on Steamwheedle Cartel-A is currently recruiting DPS of any class for 25-man raids. They recently lost raiders due to schedule conflicts and are looking for players to attend 2/3 of raids. If interested please drop an application.
  • Blarney Stone of Feathermoon is recruiting to fill permanent spots in a second raid group. They're looking primarily for healers, but any class will be considered. If you enjoy being in a small, close-knit guild, come apply!
  • From The Ashes on Grizzly Hills-H is looking for more members to fill out their ranks They're a casual raiding guild that raids a few nights a week. Hit up the website for more info.
  • Is Up to No Good on Ysera-A (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) is a mature casual guild that raids three days a week and is looking for healers, tanks, and ranged DPS. If you want to experience the endgame without sacrificing your life and job, check them out.
  • Defenders of Justice on Lightbringer-A is looking for a few good players to compliment two Naxxramas raiding teams. They're seeking an Ele and Enhance Shaman, as well as a Ret Pally. They price themselves on being friendly, kind, and a family guild, whose membership spreads across several continents.
  • Disgruntled on Whisperwind is looking for melee DPS and a third tank (Feral druid or DK). They've downed all 25 man content despite a late start and are ready for Ulduar to hit.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including an honest-to-goodness /gkick contract, and lots of red-handed bank looting. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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