Stephen Totilo leaves MTV News for cross-net rivals, Kotaku

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Stephen Totilo leaves MTV News for cross-net rivals, Kotaku
Stephen Totilo – MTV News' stalwart gaming reporter – has announced via the MTV Multiplayer blog that he is "leaving MTV News this Friday after a wonderful four-year run." His next stop? "It's not game development. It is games journalism," Totilo writes. And that outlet: none other than cross-net rivals, Kotaku.

Now, before you hiss and throw your MTV t-shirt to the ground in disgust (put your shirt back on!), we want to be the first to congratulate Stephen on the move. While gaming blogs, like Joystiq and Kotaku, have long fought against the bias of major publishers to be accepted as legitimate outlets, Stephen's presence at Kotaku not only gives the staff some much-needed good looks but lends legitimacy to the format. A rising tide lifts all boats, blue and purple alike. So, on that note: congrats, Stephen.

His title will be Deputy Managing Editor for Cake-Related Posts.

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