LG phone revenue up, but profit down

It's a tough operating environment for even the healthiest manufacturers right now, and LG's no more immune than anyone else -- or is it? Despite a dismal global economy, the Korean electronics giant and world's number three phone maker reported that it actually took in some 23 percent more revenue on phone sales over the same quarter last year -- a total of 3.92 trillion won (about $2.9 billion) -- though profit fell some 41 percent. Overall, phone shipments declined 7 percent to 22.6 million in the quarter, blamed in part on the perennial post-holiday decline, but saw strength through its midrange with models like the Cookie and KS360 (we're not sold on lumping those two in the same market segment, but whatevs). Perhaps the best news to come out of the quarterly report is that it expects 10 percent growth going into the current quarter thanks to a new concentration on upper-tier devices like the Arena, Viewty Smart, and GD900 along with message-centric phones like the Neon and Xenon. You know what'd really spur sales for ya, LG? A US release of the Viewty Smart... yeah, that's it.

[Via mocoNews]