Save your specs with Talented

Eliah Hecht
E. Hecht|04.22.09

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Save your specs with Talented

Respecs have been flying around lately like Prayer of Mending during a Sapphiron fight (healing priests, you know what I'm talking about). Several commenters have expressed annoyance at having to remember where exactly they placed those 71 points, and at having to click each of them back into place again. Heck, I would be annoyed myself, with three level 80s and various alts to manage.

However, I don't get annoyed, because I have something that many of you apparently don't: Talented. Talented is an addon for managing talent specs, with several nice features:

  • Import/export to/from Wowhead, MMO-Champion, and official Blizzard talent calculators.
  • In-game talent calculator, from which you can build and save your own templates.
  • Apply a talent build (imported or built yourself) with just one click.
  • Set a build as your "goal" talent build, to remind yourself where you meant to fill in points while leveling.
  • Full support for dual specs and pet talents; the SpecTabs plugin also makes it a little easier to swap specs.
  • Shows all three talent trees at once, no scrolling required (this would be enough to make me use the mod right there).

Honestly, I can't see any compelling reason to play without Talented. Although the idea of a mod setting your talents for you might be slightly worrying, I've been using it since Burning Crusade and never had it do anything wrong.

So now every time talents get wiped, I just load up my saved talent spec (or import a new one if I need a new one), click "Apply template," and I'm good to go. By the way, if you've been reading our Addon Spotlight column, you already know about Talented -- and if not, why not?

Download Talented at Curse (and Talented_SpecTabs)

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