Trion transitions President into career options elsewhere

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Trion transitions President into career options elsewhere

Although we know Trion World has an MMO for Sci-Fi Channel in the works and a fantasy MMO planned for the console, we've heard very little beyond that. Well, okay - we also knew they have an all-star team, 100 million in funding, and recently joined the ESA too. That said, our sister site Joystiq got a rather unpleasant insider email about the company with one piece of information we've since been able to corroborate. Apparently their President and Chief Operational Officer, Jon Van Caneghem, has "transitioned" out of his job at Trion, and will be seeking opportunity elsewhere.

According to Trion's statement: Jon Van Caneghem has transitioned out of his role as president and no longer holds any operational responsibilities at Trion. His creative and operational roles have been distributed among the talented senior team.

The rest of their statement is behind the break for those curious.
Trion is focused on creating the next generation of entertainment and will continue to evolve its operations to deliver on its vision. The Company has great momentum and has scaled up its operations tremendously. Trion is well funded, has strong teams with ambitious games in production and its partners are the leading players in the media, technology and finance worlds.

JVC's departure is a part of the natural evolution of the growing company. To manage an ambitious and successful operation, the Company will always rely on its core belief that great teams plus great processes make great games.
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