VeryKool's i280 reminds us of Helio's days gone by

Remember VK Mobile? No? We can't say we blame you, so allow us to jog your memory: these were the guys that made Helio's curious Kickflip back in the day, and for a while, the company was seen as The Next Big Thing to come out of the South Korean cellphone industry before its financial collapse a couple years ago. VK stood for "VeryKool," so imagine our surprise to see a "VeryKool USA" get a new touchscreen set approved by the FCC this week. It's a relatively simple GSM / EDGE device, though it's got analog TV reception on board -- not very useful around here, seeing how that's about to disappear from the airwaves -- and the UI appears to be a direct rip of LG's pre-S-Class touchscreen design. In other words, we can't imagine a North American carrier even dreaming of picking this thing up, so we suppose VeryKool USA exists solely for the purpose of garnering FCC approval on devices bound for other markets that can roam stateside. Either way, VK, that was a nice, quick trip down memory lane for us -- thanks.