Nokia Music veep addresses slow Comes with Music sales in the UK

Laura June Dziuban
L. Dziuban|04.29.09

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After some rather disheartening (albeit unconfirmed) estimates last week that Nokia's Comes with Music service had snagged only 23,000 subscribers in the United Kingdom, Rob Taylor, vice president of Nokia Music says that the company is pretty "happy" with what its learned there so far. He admitted that the UK launch (the service's first) devices -- the 5310 Xpress Music and the 8GB N95 -- were "slightly out of date" at the time pointing out that the service was doing much better in subsequent markets, which all boast the 5800 as their hero device. Taylor said he also recognized that Nokia needed more retail partners to help move units, and that the company is not "giving up" on the UK as a market for CwM, adding that they'll be bringing the 5800 there in the future. No word on when that might happen yet -- but we're going to keep out eyes peeled for you.

We just heard from a Nokia rep, and it turns out that these comments did not come from Rob Taylor (who is actually the head of Forum Nokia, not VP of Nokia Music) at all -- but from Lenn Pryor, Vice President, Product Marketing for the Services and Software division.
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