TiVo's Jim Denney responds to Engadget!

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|04.29.09

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TiVo's Jim Denney responds to Engadget!
We can't say we were expecting any sort of response to our state-of-TiVo piece yesterday, but we just got a note from VP of Product Marketing Jim Denney. It's not long, but he says that TiVo takes comments like ours "very seriously," and that TiVo's always looking to build on customer feedback. Sure, uh, we're glad to help, but we'll be even happier to write about a new TiVo that actually changes the game -- let us know, won't you? Full letter after the break.

Hello Nilay and Engadget readers.

I wanted to quickly thank you and your readers for the input - it is vital in how we develop our offerings. Feedback like this was instrumental when we brought back product Lifetime service, when we developed TiVoToGo, and when we integrated Netflix into our library. Further, our TiVo Search beta is focused on explicitly asking for feedback. In short, we take commentary like this very seriously.

Frankly, TiVo has changed a lot in the past few years. TiVo has gone from being a time-shifting device to being a converged entertainment device. We've gone from being available only in the living room to now accessible from a PC or cell phone. We've gone increased capacity from 14 hours of SD to 150 hours of HD. And the whole time we've stayed true to our roots, bringing simple, easy to use, and elegant design to discerning entertainment lovers.

In the end, we just wanted you all to know we're listening and we appreciate your comments. Keep 'em coming.

Best –

Jim Denney & the TiVo team
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