Garriott hits NCsoft with $27 million lawsuit

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Tabula Rasa's absentee landlord (well, before it burned to the ground), Richard Garriott, is suing NCsoft for $27 million, according to a Texas court filing. GamePolitics has the documents detailing how Garriott was laid off from NCsoft while he was still in quarantine from his space trip. However, due to the characterization of his termination as "voluntary," he apparently missed out on millions in stock options, which is what the suit is all about.

The official word -- up until this point -- was that Garriott left NCsoft late last year after ... let's see, as Garriott put it at the time, his trip into space "sparked" some new interests for him to pursue. Hopefully the lawsuit will shake out more behind-the-scenes NCsoft drama and Tabula Rasa embarrassment nobody was willing to discuss openly.

Update: The figure is $27 million according to the court documents. Thanks, @leighalexander.

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