Microsoft to acquire BigPark, working on Xbox 360 exclusive

Ludwig Kietzmann
L. Kietzmann|05.07.09

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Microsoft to acquire BigPark, working on Xbox 360 exclusive
What you know about BigPark probably isn't enough to fill a small garden -- but you'll likely be hearing a lot about the Vancouver-based company in the coming weeks. Microsoft has announced plans to acquire the group, which bills itself as an "interactive online entertainment company." Its founders, who came together in 2007, claim to share a goal of creating "great games in an inspiring and collaborative environment for highly talented and creative people." Though BigPark itself has yet to do so on its own, its members are said to have produced popular franchises such as Need for Speed and SSX. Update: BigPark's first project was a free-to-play tower defense game, called Wizard Defense.

Microsoft and BigPark -- now reporting to Microsoft Game Studios -- will "continue" collaborating on an Xbox 360-exclusive title, one that is likely to be unveiled at next month's E3. "We're looking forward to being part of the Microsoft Game Studios team, where we believe we can successfully contribute to shaping key Microsoft initiatives through fresh and engaging consumer experiences," said Wil Mozell , studio president and co-founder of BigPark. Mozell's name doesn't ring a bell, but another co-founder does: Don Mattrick, Microsoft's current VP of Interactive Entertainment Business.

According to BigPark's rather ambiguous website, its goal is to "expand gaming audiences around the world and bring them together through accessible and highly entertaining interactive experiences." Expanding audiences through accessible experiences? That definitely sounds like a part of Microsoft's ongoing attempts to put the Xbox 360 in the same space as Nintendo's Wii.

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