Rabbids Go Home Video

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If this trailer for Rabbids Go Home is any indication, the plot of the game, in which the Rabbids decide to go live on the moon, is driven by boredom. Specifically, boredom with Rabbids party games!

Along with the (surprisingly) funny trailer, Ubisoft has offered some more details of the new Rabbid adventure. Players control a pair of Rabbids with a shopping cart, which can be augmented with items like jet skis or hospital "Bubble Beds," and collect "various sizes of human stuff" in order to build a pile of junk tall enough to reach the moon. The gameplay is divided into "over 40 missions" in which the Rabbids gather stuff while "scaring the Humans right down to their undies - literally!" The Rabbid-loathing humans, in turn, send out "Verminators" to exterminate the yelling critters. Guess the humans are bored with Rabbids games too!
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