Sprint holding Pre "launch lunch" on June 5?

Another possible Pre launch date is precisely the last thing the world needs, but that's what we're getting, so check it: a Boy Genius Report-leaked slide of some sort seems to indicate that Sprint employees will be participating in a Pre "launch lunch" Friday, June 5 at noon, which raises a few interesting possibilities. First, it could mean that they're prepping for a June 7 retail launch, which would line up with the Best Buy rumor and fall into line with Sprint's common policy of launching on Sundays. Second, it could mean that Sprint's trying to really go for broke with a riot-inducing evening launch on June 5. Third, this could be totally bogus; the typo in "Employee Benfits" trips us up a bit, though we've seen typos in legit documents before. Fourth, it's still entirely possible that neither Sprint nor Palm know the exact date -- we're guessing the firmware still hasn't gone gold, and until it has, they can't be putting an immutable stake in the ground. It's interesting to note that Palm's Jon Rubenstein will be speaking at All Things D the week before this -- which we'll be at live, coincidentally -- so that'd certainly make an apropos place to announce something spectacular like this, wouldn't it? Stay tuned, friends.