3D Realms bids fans a simple farewell

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3D Realms bids fans a simple farewell
Capping off a week that saw the developer close its doors after 21 years of operation and its ridiculously long-in-development Duke Nukem Forever left unfinished, 3D Realms has updated its website with a group staff photo and a brief, somber goodbye to gamers. Community manager Joe Siegler made what is likely his final update to the defunct company's website, posting simply, "Thanks for being fans and for all your support."

No, thank you. Thanks for all the great games -- even that one that never came out but provided us with so much gag material over the years. That said, it's time for Joystiq Publishing to begin its next project: 3D Realms Forever. It'll be out next year, promise.

[Via Shacknews]
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