BlackBerry "Onyx" in the wild

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|05.10.09

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BlackBerry "Onyx" in the wild
We've obtained pictures of a device that we're told is the "Onyx," a 3G-enabled GSM BlackBerry that looks like a slightly sexier, smaller version of the Bold with some Niagara / Tour genes thrown in for good measure. We'd previously heard that this phone is ultimately destined for AT&T (while a UMA-enabled version might come to T-Mobile as the Driftwood), which definitely takes the edge off of the impending 8900 launch over there -- but then again, this is a prototype, and it'll be many moons (at best) before this thing gets launched. Every time we look at the Bold, it looks more out of proportion -- and sexy beasts like this one certainly aren't helping matters. Keep on keepin' on, RIM.

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