Metal Gear Online 'Race Mission' detailed, 'Patriot' perk sounds like a cheat

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Konami has released more specifics on the new "Race Mission" mode and "Patriot" feature for Metal Gear Online we first told you about last week. First up, the Race Mission is aptly titled, as it sees two teams attempting to pass through racing game style checkpoints after tracking down their oh-so-adorable frog and duck KEROTAN and GA-KO items. The mode's rules state that if the item is dropped and not picked up in time, its team will have to seek it out at a random spawn point. We're only guessing that the match is won by whichever team passes through the most checkpoints with cuddly mascot in-hand, as Konami oddly left that bit out. All will be revealed come May 12.

Not forgotten in today's update was word of the Patriot system, which -- at least at first -- sounds like a cool reward for the game's best players. Basically, the game will select a random set of top players each week as "Patriots," granting them access to a Patriot .56mm "hand rifle" ... which has infinite ammo and doesn't require reloading. Let's see: MGO's best players with infinite ammo and no need to reload. Sounds fair, right? We'll find out how it works out starting May 26.
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