Warhammer Online's Realm War site gets guild support

Brooke Pilley
B. Pilley|05.12.09

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Warhammer Online's Realm War site gets guild support

Mythic has changed Warhammer Online's default Realm War home page to display a few useful bits of guild information when you are logged in to your account. The new default home page lists your server's zone control war status, a guild overview section including recent activity and real-time roster, and a social section listing all your friends.

The rest of the site hasn't changed much and remains a work-in-progress. Character profiles are still showing inconsistent items/stats on your character and suffer from display issues (e.g., the top Phoenix Throne all-time renown earner shows as having a renown rank of 44 but the 6th place person on the list displays a realm rank of 60).

The Realm War does contain loads of great information though and when Mythic gets it working properly, it may even surpass the Camelot Herald and WoW Armory as the most informative web-based official database for an MMO. The leader boards spur on additional server-wide competition to see who can come out on top and the war status updates allow players to stay connected to what's going on even when they're away from their gaming rigs.
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