NHL 10 to feature first-person fighting, gameplay 'refinements'

Jason Dobson
J. Dobson|05.14.09

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NHL 10 to feature first-person fighting, gameplay 'refinements'
Players will be close enough to count an opponent's missing teeth when skaters square off to settle things with their fists in NHL 10. Electronic Arts announced that the game will shift the perspective from the third- to first-person during fights as players clobber each other in the forthcoming annual update.

The change is among 200 "refinements" EA promises, including glass-banging crowds, a new board physics engine and scraps after the whistle. Additionally, EA adds that enforcers will now step in to throw down to protect skill players in a fight, meaning even virtual versions of Crosby or Sakic can breathe easy knowing someone's got their back.
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