New FPS on the way -- for Dreamcast

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New FPS on the way -- for Dreamcast
Think The Conduit is the biggest Sega first-person-shooter news this year? ... You're right. But it's not the only Sega-related FPS being published on an unexpected platform. A team of homebrewers is working on a game called Hypertension for Windows, Linux ... and Dreamcast. Great news for all of you who just bought the system!

Hypertension is a reimagining of Blood, made in the Doom-based EDGE engine. The use of fairly antiquated technology, and source material, seem appropriate for a game being released on a console that came out in 1999 After the break, you can see some footage of the current alpha version of Hypertension, which is looking very Doomy. TDGMods has yet to specify a release date for the game, but it's not like there's a rush at this point. The Dreamcast will still be old.

[Via Sega Nerds]

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