1 vs 100 US beta date announcement by tomorrow [Update]

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1 vs 100 US beta date announcement by tomorrow [Update]

Update: Microsoft PR has just confirmed the 1 vs 100 Twitter account referenced in this story is run by the team responsible for the game; however, no other details were shared at this time.

According to a 1 vs 100 Twitter page, a US beta for the Xbox Live Primetime games service is planned and will be announced within the next 24 hours. Of course, as natural skeptics, we bothered Major Nelson to confirm the account is actually affiliated with the upcoming game. According to Major, "The 1v100 team put that up. So, yes it's real."

However, when contacted for comment, Microsoft PR hastily denied the Twitter account was connected to the game and insisted no announcement was planned. Thus, the miscommunication parade from Microsoft continues. Over the last month, Microsoft's communication guns have been firing blanks, beginning with accidentally claiming a Wolverine demo was available weeks before it was actually scheduled, followed by the incorrect pricing of Lode Runner and Blazing Birds and mistakenly categorizing Bionic Commando Rearmed as this week's Xbox Live Deal.

Joystiq has since contacted Microsoft again, hoping that both hands of its communication arms consult and come to some kind of mutual conclusion.

[Via GameShark. Thanks, Jeff M.]
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