AT&T slowly begins rollout of CruiseCast in-car satellite TV service

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It's a bit off its target pace, but it looks like AT&T is now finally starting to roll out its CruiseCast in-car satellite TV / radio service, however slowly. According to OrbitCast, AT&T is now working with "small groups" of car audio specialists and distributors to get the service into the hands of a "few dozen customers" in order to test the service in advance of the full roll-out, which is now somewhat ambitiously promised for early June. In case you missed the announcement back at CES, the service itself consists of 22 live TV channels and 20 radio stations, plus all the necessary, non-user-installable hardware, which will set you back $1,299 up front and $28 a month thereafter. That obviously doesn't pose much of a threat to basic satellite radio just yet although, as OrbitCast points out, it is actually more affordable than some of the current in-car satellite TV options out there, like KVH's $3,000 DirecTV-based system
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