Froech's last EQII Producer's Letter addresses item procs in TSO

William Dobson
W. Dobson|05.21.09

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Froech's last EQII Producer's Letter addresses item procs in TSO

As we found out earlier, Bruce "Froech" Ferguson is no longer the producer for EverQuest II. Before he left though, he penned one last Producer's Letter to the community to discuss some changes to item procs that will be coming with Game Update 52. It seems that items from The Shadow Odyssey that proc damage were getting a little out of hand, and a few nerfs will be applied to keep things under control.

There are two main changes that will be made: firstly, critical damage will be removed from an item's base proc; secondly, the values of procs will not be subject to most modifications any more, meaning that generic bonuses will not make the procs bigger. Ferguson says that if these things are fixed, then items can be introduced later with intentionally large procs without fear of them growing too big through the aforementioned mechanics. In relation to these changes, some Predator spells will also be adjusted.

Aside from item proc issues, the letter still does not tell us where Froech will be headed next, apart from confirming that he will remain in the SOE family.
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