TG Sambo debuts LLUON Kidscom desktop PC

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Laptops may be the form factor of choice for kid-friendly computers these days, but there's still some room out there for good 'ol desktops, and TG Sambo looks to have produced a pretty nifty one with its new LLUON Kidscom PC. While there's not much in the way of specific details, the system appears to based on the company's more adult-minded LLUON A1 all-in-one PC, with it adding a touchscreen to the mix, along with the company's own "TG Kids Browser" interface that promises to allow access to a range of educational materials. TG Sambo also looks to have a slightly different model that opts for an even more all-in-one design (pictured after the break), although details on that one are, of course, equally non-existent.

[Via The Red Ferret Journal]

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