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Deconstructing Street Fighter II

Deconstructing Street Fighter II

Capcom's marketing machine sure did a number on us. If you need proof, just look at how terrible Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix looks in this video (after the jump)! Wasn't it supposed to be über sexy? Oh, wait. We've just been informed that this isn't HD Remix, but a deconstruction of the SNES version of Street Fighter II. Our collective bad.

Using various programs -- including one horrendously named "Tile Molester" -- Rom hacker/bender Dylan Hayes has reduced SFII to nothing more than hit boxes, a few birdies and one giant fish. By breaking the classic down, Hayes shows off the game in its most basic -- yet, still completely playable -- form.

Capcom, it looks like we just spotted your big E3 XBLA announcement: Street Fighter II Blocky Mess Remix.

[Via Offworld]
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