SpongeBob's Truth or Square aimed squarely at you this fall

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SpongeBob SquarePants is ten years old this year, which means that if you were in, say, college when you first learned of the cartoon, you are old now. To mark this milestone (SpongeBob's, not the discovery of your advanced age), THQ plans to release a new SpongeBob platformer called SpongeBob's Truth or Square this October, for the Wii, DS, PSP, and Xbox 360.

The Heavy Iron-developed game, based on the "SpongeBob's 10 Happiest Moments" DVD, features two unique new gameplay systems: first, SpongeBob can now change his shape, which means that players will have the power of a sledgehammer-shaped sponge or spatula at their disposal. In addition, a second player will be able to control Plankton and "help SpongeBob solve puzzles, unlock new pathways and defeat super-powered creatures."

The Super Mario Galaxy-style co-op seems like an excellent fit for a children's game (so that parents can help out or play along at any moment), but our favorite thing about this game, by far, is that it gives us an excuse to embed this Burger King commercial after the break.

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