More Palm Pre emulator videos emerge: universal search, calendar, and email (oh my)

Oh look, another set of Palm Pre / webOS emulator videos care of TheInvisibleMan of This time we get a new two-part Q&A session and a glance at the calendar, PDF viewer, phone, e-mail, and universal search, which as the name suggests not only searches locally on the phone but also lets you run that query through Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia, and Twitter -- something iPhone OS 3.0's local-only spotlight frustratingly lacks. That said, we can see ourselves being bothered by the apparent inability to open PDFs directly from the browser, and it looks like the email client might not group threads together. A major bummer if that's the case, but this is an early emulator, so we're holding onto the tiniest bit of hope that changes somewhere down the line. Like before, we've gone ahead and grouped all the new videos in a playlist after the break.