Ads & iPhones: Facial hair fun with uArt

Adutainment, the art of mixing advertising and entertainment, has been popular in the iPhone app space since the App Store first opened. Grooming product giant Gillette has teamed with developer AIM Proximity on a fun little free app called uArt (click opens iTunes). uArt is the iPhone app equivalent of drawing mustaches and beards on pictures of people in magazines...not that I've ever done that...

You provide the photo, taking a shot of yourself or a friend with the iPhone camera, or importing a picture from Photos. After sizing and placing the photo with a pinch and a finger swipe, you can begin to have fun with the full beard that appears on the photo. A single control makes the beard and mustache go from sparse to bushy, while another control lets you apply the digital equivalent of "Just for Men" to the facial hair in 12 different colors and shades.

Now comes the really fun part: touching the shave button on the bottom of the screen brings up a virtual Gillette Fusion razor (it vibrates!) that you can use to trim or remove parts of the hair. Now you can see just how good or bad you'd look with a Fu Manchu. There's a way to save your work of tonsorial art and even give it a name before sending it to your friends.

Personally, I'm holding out for Rogaine® to sponsor a free hair-growing app. Be sure to check out the rogue's gallery of famous TUAW personalities below.

Thanks to Ivan for the tip!