Insider Trader: Farming recipes in Northrend

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|05.30.09

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Insider Trader: Farming recipes in Northrend

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This week, Insider Trader will be listing the locations and mobs that will drop recipes to help you complete your collection and expand your knowledge to boost sales.

Because this list is meant to be a reference for planning out your next farming expedition, I will not be including "world drops" that can drop from nearly any mob in a given zone or from a specific level of mobs across zones.

There are several epic crafting recipes that will drop in Ulduar. They have a chance to drop from each of the bosses on Heroic mode (25-man), although 10-man groups can also acquire them by downing the bosses on Hard mode.

Currently, there are two Enchanting formulas, six Blacksmithing plans, eight Leatherworking patterns and four Tailoring patterns that fall under this category.

Given Ulduar's close associations with Engineering, many people have been quite vocal about the lack of schematics in the dungeon, although many of the mobs can be harvested for parts and vendor junk.

You'll be happy to note that these epic recipes, with the exception of the Enchanting recipes, are all bind on equip. You can store them in your Guild Bank, sell them for profit, or buy them from other players if you're desperate for a certain one. Of course, this also means that the posted drop rates more closely reflect actual drop rates.

For example, a bind on pick-up Jewelcrafting recipe might say 0.1% drop rate, but Wowhead is counting everyone who kills that mob, and each kill. This results in skewed numbers, because it is only Jewelcrafters who will ever see the recipe if it drops.

The fact that these epic bind on equip recipes boast low drop rates means that they are likely extremely rare.

  1. Design: Accurate Monarch Topaz: Check out certain Mammoths in Zul'Drak, Storm Peaks and Sholazar Basin are carrying copies of this design around.
  2. Design: Austere Earthsiege Diamond: King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle on both modes.
  3. Design: Bracing Earthsiege Diamond: The Cache of Eregos in The Oculus.
  4. Design: Deadly Monarch Topaz: Keristrasza in Heroic Nexus.
  5. Design: Deft Monarch Topaz.: Halls of Stone on Heroic mode, Sjonner the Ironshaper.
  6. Design: Eternal Earthsiege Diamond: Loken in The Halls of Lightning on both Normal and Heroic modes.
  7. Design: Fierce Monarch Topaz: Heroic Utgarde Keep, Ingvar the Plunderer.
  8. The Nascent Val'kyr of Val'kyrion, Storm Peaks, have a chance to drop Design: Fractured Scarlet Ruby. They are also a key gold farming mob! Check out Time is Money: Farming in Storm Peaks for more details. While you're in Storm Peaks, seek out Design: Defender's Twilight Opal: Stormforged mobs in Storm Peaks, located just north of Val'kyrion and to the west of Snowdrift Plains, and Design: Radiant Forest Emerald, which can be found on Frostfeather harpies along Bor's Breath.
  9. Design: Infused Twilight Opal: Anub'Arak in Azjol-Nerub on Heroic mode.
  10. Design: Precise Scarlet Ruby: Herald Volazj from Heroic Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom.
  11. Design: Radiant Forest Emerald: Frostfeather harpies in Bor's Breath, Storm Peaks.
  12. Design: Thick Autumn's Glow: Cyanigosa in The Violet Hold, heroic mode.
  13. Design: Timeless Forest Emerald: The Prophet Tharon'ja in heroic Drak'Tharon Keep.
There are no farmable Tailoring recipes. There are a few that drop rarely from bosses in Ulduar. There are also a handful of shirt recipes that were added with Wrath, and it seems that the most efficient way to "farm" them is to run dungeons and raids of any sort.

All of the Leatherworking recipes can be found as rare drops from bosses in Ulduar.

  1. Plans: Reinforced Cobalt Chestpiece: Venture Co. Excavators in Sholazar Basin, in and around Swindlegrin's Dig.
  2. Plans: Reinforced Cobalt Helm: Iron Rune-Shapers of Grizzly Hills, near Thor Modan.
  3. Plans: Reinforced Cobalt Legplates: Zul'Drak, hunt Gundrak Savages around Gundrak in the northeast.
  4. Plans: Reinforced Cobalt Shoulders: Onslaught Masons at Scarlet Point or just north of Naxxramas, in Dragonblight.
  1. Recipe: Mighty Frost Protection Potion: Damned Apothecaries in Icecrown, near Aldur'Thar.
  2. Recipe: Mighty Nature Protection Potion: Cult Alchemists, in Icecrown near Aldur'Thar, along with the above Damned Apothecaries.
  3. Recipe: Mighty Shadow Protection Potion: Cultist Shard Watchers in Icecrown, along Corp'rethar: The Horror Gate.
  1. Formula - Enchant Cloak: Superior Frost Resistance: Damned Apothecaries in Icecrown, near Aldur'Thar.
  2. Formula - Enchant Cloak: Superior Nature Resistance: Cult Alchemists in Icecrown, also near Aldur'Thar.
  3. Formula - Enchant Cloak: Superior Shadow Resistance: Cultist Shard Watchers in Icecrown, along Corp'rethar: The Horror Gate.
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