No Whiimies! Ubisoft bringing Press Your Luck, Family Feud

Justin McElroy
J. McElroy|05.31.09

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No Whiimies! Ubisoft bringing Press Your Luck, Family Feud
We'll forever remember the moment we saw John O' Hurley crush Richard Karn's windpipe, the finishing move in the back alley street fight that decided the next rung of the Family Feud host lineage. A moment like that begs for a video game adaptation, but we doubt that's what we'll be getting when Ubisoft brings the beloved game show, along with Press Your Luck and The Price Is Right to Wii, DS and PC this fall.

But wait, Joystiq, there's already a Price Is Right on Wii! No friends, this is The Price Is Right 2010. In fact, all the games have a year attached at the end. Because if there's ever been IPs that beg for annualized versions, it's game shows that haven't changed in five decades.
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