Samsung unveils 55-inch HD LCD, low power 10.1-inch display, and more at SID 2009

If you're a display aficionado (which you probably are, unless that subscription to Display Aficionado we saw at your apartment was a holiday gift from a misguided aunt) the Samsung booth at SID 2009 is proving to be a non-stop thrill ride, from the company's OLED displays to this next item, the "world's first" true 240Hz full HD 55-inch LCD display. The company is also showing off a new 10.1-inch LCD for netbooks with 50% less power consumption and a none-too-shabby 1366 x 768 resolution. Also on tap is a new 4-inch qVGA TFT-LCD made using a printable semiconductor process, but no details are forthcoming there. Happy Display Week, everybody!