Shadow Complex has stat trackers beyond Achievements

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Shadow Complex has stat trackers beyond Achievements
Shadow Complex, the XBLA game from Chair and Epic that's two parts Metroid and one part Castlevania (even Cliff Bleszinski noted it was a "Metroidvania" title), has a robust stat tracking system behind the scenes. Beyond the standard Xbox Live Achievements, the game also tracks things like headshots with "Your head a-splode."

The 10-15 hour title is meant to be accessible to those who casually played titles like Super Metroid, but it's definitely being designed to appeal to speed-runners. There will be unlockables in the game for playing with only a certain weapon or beating the game under a certain amount of time. Chair's Donald Mustard told us there's a special unlockable for beating the game in under two hours*. Our theory: Marcus Fenix skin for the main character.

*Update: MTV Multiplayer has more details on the 2-hour speed run (one of several "Master Challenges"), which has been dubbed "Jason Bailey" -- an obvious homage to Metroid's skivvies code, JUSTIN BAILEY. New theory: Scantily clad Marcus skin unlocked.
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