Breakfast Topic: How old is your character?

Daniel Whitcomb
D. Whitcomb|06.13.09

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Breakfast Topic: How old is your character?
Bricu of WTT: [RP] put forth a pretty thought-provoking question the other day: How old are your characters? From one point of view, that's pretty simple. You do a quick /played, report back the number of days it returns, and there you go. But, especially for those of us who roleplay, it can sometimes go a bit deeper. Sometimes, we take our characters across games.

Of course, this doesn't mean importing characters completely wholesale, you understand. On the RP end, you're still going to want to convert them to be born and bred citizens of Azeroth (or Outland), and either way, you may not be able to convert them to the exact race or class they were. There's just no Human Rangers or Halfling Monks in WoW, more's the pity.
For my own part, I've actually sort of started fresh in WoW, and I don't think any of my WoW characters are too much like previous characters, although my Druid did inherit a bit of an old PnP character's sense of justice, and his tendency to get a bit hotheaded and angry when said sense of justice is offended. At the same time, I'm sort of exporting characters as well, to some extent. I'm already thinking that if I get around to playing Final Fantasy XIV, I'll probably export a lot of my perky gnome warrior into a Tarutaru of some sort.

What about you? Whether via RP traits, or just via class and race choices, have you kept the same old characters coming into WoW? Have you used new characters and archetypes you've played in WoW elsewhere?
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