ASUS 'Seamless Experience' is the best conception of the future we've seen in the past five minutes

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Are you fully prepared to live in one company's most likely inaccurate and yet still totally awesome vision of the future? If not, check out the video after the break. ASUS tossed together its ideas into a "Seamless Experience" showing at its Computex 2009 booth. Apparently the future involves a lot of interactive countertops -- a sort of pervasive Surface-lite, which presents interactive, relevant info for objects placed on it. The tech also facilitates interaction between devices placed near each other, and can even capture data from a plain ol' piece of paper and integrate it into the system. Sure, it's been shown before, but we're sure once enough companies come up with this idea independently they'll be able to form two warring factions and fend off consumer adoption with a format war for years to come.

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