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Opera Unite: a cloud-based promise to 'reinvent the web,' again

Opera Unite: a cloud-based promise to 'reinvent the web,' again
Thomas Ricker
Thomas Ricker|@trixxy|June 16, 2009 3:57 AM
Opera has a little surprise in store for you this morning with its Opera Unite service. A web-based application built into the Opera browser that the Norwegian-based company says will "reinvent the Web" as it makes your computer, data, and media available via any web browser through the Unite cloud. A bold claim, sure, but just look at the breadth of the cloud-based services available to Mac, PC, or Linux/Unix users:
  • File sharing -- securely share files direct from your computer
  • Web server -- turns your home computer into a web server via Opera Unite URL
  • Media player -- direct link to your music collection from any web browser
  • Photo sharing -- shares your image library over the web without requiring a photo service
  • Lounge -- self-contained chat service running on your computer
  • Fridge -- a place where friends and family can post notes
We're taking the service / software for a spin right now and at first blush, we're duly impressed by the ease of setup and control. Hit the links below to try it for yourself. Video introduction after the break.

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