Mog Bonanza numbers revealed, grand prize totals over 85 million gil

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|06.17.09

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Mog Bonanza numbers revealed, grand prize totals over 85 million gil

74 people just woke up today and nearly fainted at the keyboard when they logged into Final Fantasy XI. Yes, that's right, the Mog Bonanza numbers have been revealed, along with the grand total of all of the prizes.

This year's lottery netted over 6,000,000 marbles sold across all of the FFXI servers, resulting in a grand total of over 12 billion (yes, billion with a B) gil being spent on the contest. As we stated earlier, the grand prizes of gil were influenced by the amount of gil in the contest, which resulted in some pretty intense amounts being offered to winners.

In short, 74 people now have the ability to claim the grand prize of 85,738,149 gil from their local Mog Bonanza moogle. Interested in the other prize amounts and winning numbers? Read onwards and we'll spill all of the stats on the winners.
And the winning numbers are:

  • Last place digit of "3" -- Rank 5 Prize -- 642,517 winners
  • Last two digits of "27" -- Rank 4 Prize -- 68,268 winners
  • Last three digits of "800" -- Rank 3 Prize -- 4,813 winners
  • Last four digits of "3004" -- Rank 2 Prize -- 468 winners
  • All five digits of "19367" -- Rank 1 Prize -- 74 winners
The 4,813 winners of the rank 3 prize will be able to walk away with 711,843 gil in their prize pool selection while the 468 winners of rank 2 will be able to choose a cool 6,236,138 gil in their pool. Nothing to scoff at here, folks.

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Mog Bonanza contest! For those of you who didn't grab anything this year, cheer up, there's always next anniversary!
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