Aspyr launches social networking site for Treasure World

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Aspyr launches social networking site for Treasure World
Aspyr Media's innovative DS treasure hunt game Treasure World comes out this week, and to support it, the company has launched a site to allow players to find not just Wi-Fi-generated items, but each other as well.

Club Treasure World allows players to show off their collections of items. Each item also has an associated sound, so players can set items down in specific configurations and create musical "Songscapes," which can also be shared on the site. Special awards and "treasure keys" will also be available through Club Treasure World. Most importantly, the site is a venue for the sharing of friend codes and a hub for item trading.

Check out some new screens in our gallery. Treasure World is clearly kid-oriented, but the novelty factor of collecting unique items from different Wi-Fi signals seems like something that adults could find cool as well.
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