PS3 Serious Sam HD could happen if consumers want it

Speaking to G4, Croteam CEO Roman Ribaric said the company originally also wanted to do a PSN version of Serious Sam HD alongside the PC and XBLA releases, but cited time constraints as the major factor holding it back. "[We] couldn't get additional financing to support [the] extra development time needed," said Ribaric. "It was either to do PSN by the same date or forget about it."

Luckily, Croteam hasn't gone with the latter and hasn't completely ruled out releasing a PSN port sometime after the PC and XBLA versions. The Croteam CEO says he's heard from different offices in the industry that consumers are disenchanted with late ports; however, he's still interested in listening to what PS3 owners think. Is it worthwhile for Croteam to pursue? Would you wait for the PSN version? Send Croteam an e-mail or maybe start a petition online -- this might be one of the few times developers will actually listen.