Sungale WiFi Widget photo frame gets a hands-on

Sungale's recently unleashed a WiFi-enabled, widget-having digital photo frame -- the ID800WT -- and the fine folks over at Zatz Not Funny have taken it for a little spin. The 800 x 600 resolution touchscreen boasts 512 MB of internal storage, and widgets for weather, news, Picasa, YouTube, Gmail, and Internet radio. The reviewer didn't find the widgets to be particularly awesome, in many respects -- their implementation, for instance, made the Gmail app "nearly useless" because it displayed only a few lines at a time, and many had trouble connecting to the internet properly. It wasn't all doom and gloom, however -- they really liked the frame in theory, and thought that the company was shooting for the right idea -- they just didn't actually succeed. The frame will be available sometime in the coming month for about $165.