The Queue: Goodnight, sweet prince

Alex Ziebart
A. Ziebart|06.29.09

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The Queue: Goodnight, sweet prince
Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the WoW Insider team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

This weekend marked the end of an era, my friends. A champion (cheater) of the people (Gnomes) has fallen from grace (the thumbnails at the top of our site). The people (you guys) have shouted to the rooftops (our comments), "Down with oppression (martial arts techniques)! Down with corruption (GM lewts)!"

So it is done.

JustSaying asked...

"Can someone please change those 4 pictures near the top of's page? I'm tired of seeing that stupid gnome head every time I come to this site."

Since you asked so nicely, Karatechop has been replaced.

Spidey asked...

"I've been leveling an alt (Troll Hunter) recently and decided to go mining/engineering, mostly for the bow/gun enchants and the like. I just leveled engineering to 200 and decided to go grab my Goblin Engineering membership. While doing the quest for membership I realized that the Alliance have Gnomes as a playable class, but how come the Horde doesn't have Goblins? In fact, Alliance has two "small people" races (Gnomes and Dwarves). Any chance the Horde will ever get Goblins or anything smaller than the Forsaken? I think Goblins would be cool, or dare I say, Murlocs as playable races."

I really don't have anymore insight on the topic than anybody else you might ask, unfortunately. Only Blizzard knows what Blizzard does. What I can do is give my opinion, though!

I really don't think we'll see murlocs as a playable race anytime soon. Or ever. It's funny to think about, but... no, not gonna happen.

Goblins? I could see it. If it happens, I don't think it will be the Steamwheedle Cartel. What they would probably do is have one of the many Trade Princes throw their lot in purely with the Horde, and keep the Steamwheedle Cartel nice and neutral. The Cartel sees staying neutral as being in their best interests business-wise (which is why they aren't officially members of the Horde, even if they favor them), but maybe other Goblins don't feel the same way. It certainly wouldn't be the first time we've seen a story about a mega-corporation getting their heads too high in the clouds, and deciding having their personal army would be a good move. Well, maybe the first time in Azeroth. But not the first time in fiction.

So will Blizzard do it? No idea. Could they do it? Sure!

Hal asked...

"Will we have new sources of Crusader badges in 3.2? Will they be from new tournament dailies, the exalted Silver Covenant/Sunreaver quests, drop from the 5/10/25 instance bosses?"

Yes, there will be new sources of badges. We don't know their drop rates from the instanced content yet, or even if they drop there at all, because that stuff isn't available for play yet. The various quests acquired at Crusader and Sunreavers/Silver Covenant Exalted all give Champion's Seals, though. Once you've hit those landmarks your Seals-Per-Day will skyrocket. Well, assuming you like daily quests the will!

DM7000 asked...

"Aside from the Argent Tournament, what is another way to raise rep with home cities? I mean I've done some of the low level quests and I'm still at most revered with my main faction (Thunder Bluff since I'm a Tauren) everything else is honored. Any tips or anything? I really want the Crusader title."

You pretty much have two primary choices here. The first being keep hunting down low level quests. If I remember right, nowadays you'll still get the full rep gain off of even grey quests. Find quest hubs you haven't done, and tear through it. That would be the most varied and interesting way to do it.

The other way is to do cloth turn-ins, but that requires either a lot of gold or a lot of time spent farming. Every capital city has a cloth turn-in NPC for their faction. First they'll ask you for 60 Wool, then 60 Silk, then eventually you get to Runecloth. There's no Netherweave or Frostweave turn-in, just Runecloth. And it takes a lot of cloth to make any rep progress.

If anybody has any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments!
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