Capcom reveals list of PSP and PS1 games coming to PSN

Jem Alexander
J. Alexander|07.01.09

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Capcom reveals list of PSP and PS1 games coming to PSN

Capcom is making good on its promise to release a ridiculous amount of PSP and PS1 titles on the PSN and has announced, via the PS Blog, the next batch of games that will be available to (re)purchase. Resident Evil fans won't be disappointed with the rest of the PS1 franchise entries making their way to the PSN, alongside Dino Crisis. PSP fans will also get their hands on seven titles, including two Mega Man games, two Capcom Classics collections, Darkstalkers and Power Stone Collection.

It's a pretty good bunch of games and you can see the full list after the break. Other than Capcom Classics Remixed, which releases in America this week, none of the other games have been dated for any territory, nor even confirmed for European release. We've contacted Capcom Europe to ask, but release dates for the US will be revealed on the PlayStation Blog over time.

PS1 Games
  • Dino Crisis
  • Resident Evil 2
  • Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
PSP Games
  • Capcom Classics Collection Remixed
  • Mega Man Powered Up (Please buy this game so that Capcom makes a sequel!)
  • Power Stone Collection
  • Mega Man Maverick Hunter X
  • Darkstalkers
  • Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max
  • Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded
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