Details of Blizzard presence at Comic Con

Allison Robert
A. Robert|07.11.09

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Details of Blizzard presence at Comic Con
The schedule for the 2009 San Diego Comic Con is finally starting to emerge, and Blizzard has now confirmed details of its presence there.

It looks like Blizzard is going to be running a panel on Thursday, July 23rd (the first officlal day of the con, which this year is July 23rd to 26th) with Chris Metzen and a host of people associated with Blizzard products from Upper Deck, Wildstorm, Tokyopop, and J!nx. Interestingly, Nick Carpenter, the creative director for Blizzard cinematics, is also going to be there, so it looks like this might be a particularly good opportunity to get information about Blizzard's lore and art direction, on top of the Warcraft comics, minis, and cards. I've included the full list of panel attendees behind the cut, and as of now the panel looks to be scheduled in Room 6BCF.

If anyone's interested in what the Blizzard Comic Con panel was like last year and the nature of the questions answered, here's our 2008 write-up. Do we have any readers who are going to Comic Con this year?
  • Moderator: Cory Jones, director of Blizzard's global business development and licensing.
  • Chris Metzen, Blizzard senior vice president of creative development.
  • Nick Carpenter, Blizzard cinematic creative director.
  • Hank Kanalz, vice president/GM of Wildstorm and World of Warcraft monthly editor.
  • Troy Lewter, editor of the Tokyopop Warcraft manga.
  • Scott Gaeta, director of Upper Deck new product development and organized play.
  • Margeaux Doremus Sullivan, Upper Deck brand manager on World of Warcraft minis.
  • Sean Gailey, J!nx creative director.
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