A new fleet of augmented items and quests packaged in with Final Fantasy's July update

Seraphina Brennan
S. Brennan|07.14.09

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A new fleet of augmented items and quests packaged in with Final Fantasy's July update

What would the Final Fantasy XI version update be if Fields of Valor wasn't expounded upon? It wouldn't be an update at all, we say here at Massively.

True to form, the July version update, which is only six measly days away, will be adding Fields of Valor elite training regimes to a swath of new areas. These regimes, much like their lower level counterparts, will let players purchase a special training chapter with their hard earned Fields of Valor "tabs" currency, and then trade the chapters to glowing spots on the ground in the new areas to spawn a powerful notorious monster. As before, to trigger the spawn an item, currency, or set of beastman seals must be gambled on the fight.

Gambling an item in these new battles is what most are looking forward to, as items will be returned with new level 50+ augments that were unavailable until now. But what if you're level 75? What do you have to look forward to, then?
Veteran players can ally themselves with the fey folk, the pixies, and do battle with some of the enemies of their homeland. These new pixie quests can only be triggered once the player crafts one of the brand new items coming with this version update and then trades it to the pixies as collateral. Should the player succeed, the pixies will return the item with powerful enchantments.

These quests reward their benefits differently than the Fields of Valor, as one notorious monster kill lets all players in the party complete the quest (and you will need a full party to do these battles, mind you.) Even players in the party who have not traded an item will still be compensated with gil, making these very lucrative battles indeed.
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