LG's GD910 watch phone clears the FCC, makes beeline for American wrists

It's about time, wouldn't you agree? After finding that Orange would become Europe's first carrier to sell LG's luscious GD910 watch phone, every closet Dick Tracy fan in America began wondering when (and if) LG would make a similar announcement here on US soil. Regrettably, we're still waiting for the official line from the company, but this will certainly suffice for now. The image you see above is being provided courtesy of a freshly released FCC filing, which means precisely one thing: this here watch phone is destined for America. Of course, we suppose LG could have just made the filing for kicks and giggles, but our optimistic imagination simply won't let us believe such a tragedy could ever occur. Hang tight, Yanks -- your dream device just got a lot closer to clearing customs.