The Queue: Guest introduction

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column where the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Alex Ziebart will be your host today.

On the last edition of The Queue, I requested that readers write me an intro for this thing, and I would pick my favorite of the bunch to use to introduce the column. So here we go, an intro from Teregwynn:

"Each end every day, except those days when he doesn't, Alex Ziebart takes time out of his busy schedule to sift through your annoying, and often repetitive, questions to find those worthy of answers. Once selected, he conjures answers for these questions which baffle the minds of mere mortals, endowing them with a level of insight which they could not, but for having read earlier editions of this very column, have ever imagined."

Search asked...

"I have recently started on getting Loremaster and find it quite frustrating that I don't know how many quests I have accomplished in each area. Is there any way to see how much I have already done in an area and how much left still to do? Maybe some sort of clever addon that has eluded my search."

If you're looking for a nice and convenient addon that'll list everything you've done or not done... you're out of luck. If something like that exists, I don't know about it, and neither do most people doing Loremaster. The best you can do is pull up a zone in Wowhead, and run down the list of quests, checking off what you remember doing and looking for those you don't. I also hear that Carbonite is incredibly useful for people going for Loremaster, but it still can't tell you all of the quests you've done prior to installing it.

Of course, I'm assuming you're talking exclusively about Eastern Kingdoms/Kalimdor. When you're in Outland and Northrend, the achievement pane will break those down for you. You're not so lucky in the 'old world' though.

Sorry, that's all I can suggest for you! Loremaster is a pretty frustrating undertaking at times. Good luck with it!

dude asked...

"Have you heard anything about getting more character slots per server anytime soon?"

We haven't heard a thing. The best I can do for you is say that I don't think it'll happen. That doesn't mean it won't, I just don't think it will.

Hendrata asked...

"Seeing that there's so much speculation about the new class and race and lore in the expansion, did it happen with Wrath as well? I haven't played for long so I wouldn't know. Did people speculate like crazy towards the end of TBC what the next expansion was going to be?"

There was a ton of speculation, but not necessarily the same kind. Race speculation dominated, since the concept of 'hero class' was never even something realistic until Wrath of the Lich King. Sure, people wanted hero classes, but it hadn't been done yet so it was pointless to speculate there. The Burning Crusade brought us two new races though, so that's what most people were expecting. The 'playable worgen' idea was even more popular back then than it is right now.

Now that WoW has had both new races and a new class, everybody is speculating on both things for the next expansion, rather than one. That's the only real difference.

Taladan asked...

"Expanding on that last question, were there absurd theories about what the next expansion would be in The Burning Crusade? The one that eventually turned out to be Wrath of the Lich King?"

I honestly don't remember anything too outlandish. I think Wrath was what most people expected. The Burning Crusade took us out into a very foreign, psychedelic world. People were longing to go back to a bit of the traditional fantasy after that, so Northrend was a pretty natural pick. I think the only other theories I remember hearing were The Emerald Dream and other Legion worlds (which I personally think we'll get after the Maelstrom.)

Verakum asked...

"What UI does the staff use for raiding?"

The team really doesn't have a standard. We don't use the same packaged UI or anything, so it varies from person to person. Personally, I like to run light on addons. At least, I think I run light! I only use...

And that's it! Those are my raid-specific mods, anyway. I definitely run other addons for other purposes. SexyMap, MarySue, Cartographer and Chatter (among others) are certainly awesome mods, but they don't do a whole lot for the raiding experience.

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