Verizon's two-way PC770 data card lands this Sunday

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|07.17.09

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Verizon's two-way PC770 data card lands this Sunday

If you're the indecisive type, Verizon's newest data card is right up your alley, because you've got two different form factors at your disposal: ExpressCard/34 and PC Card. The modem -- which hails from MiFi maker Novatel -- has both PC and Mac compatibility out of the box, rocks EV-DO Rev. A (it fricking better), and most notably, includes a PC Card adapter so you can continue to provide your thirty-year-old 486-powered Toshiba Satellite with 3G on the road. It'll be available this Sunday for $99.99 on contract after rebates.

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