Secret of Monkey Island has strong start on Steam

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Secret of Monkey Island has strong start on Steam
The popularity of one Mr. Threepwood and his pirating ways remain strong, as sister site Big Download reports the The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition remake has managed to be the top seller (based on revenue) on Steam last week. Guybrush and his gallivanting managed to best the likes of recently released Street Fighter IV, as well as Steam favorite Left 4 Dead.

Steam isn't the only platform the game has been a success on, though. After debuting on Xbox 360 last week, the game has managed to brighten the lives of at least 38,693 individuals (based on game leaderboard data at the time of this post). So, how about that LeChuck's Revenge remake, eh LucasArts?
Top-selling titles on Steam (week ending July 18):

  1. The Secret of Monkey Island - LucasArts
  2. Left 4 Dead - Valve
  3. Aion Collector's Edition - NCsoft
  4. ArmA 2 - Bohemia Interactive
  5. Street Fighter IV - Capcom
  6. Counter-Strike: Source - Valve
  7. Dawn of Discovery - Ubisoft
  8. Brothers In Arms Pack - Gearbox Software/Ubisoft
  9. GRID - Codemasters
  10. Team Fortress 2 - Valve
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